Game Plan: how to save “stalled deals” and generate more revenue in 5 days

Game Plan: how to save “stalled deals” and generate more revenue in 5 days Заходите в наш Телеграм канал: там еще больше инсайтов про IT маркетинг и продажи.

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Today, most businesses try to source more pipeline by reaching out to prospects via cold outreach. It’s a great strategy and you should expect to generate at least 60% of your revenue from cold outreach.

What about 20-50-100+ deals that we have in our pipeline without any next steps or response? How much money do you have sitting there? $100k? $1M? $10M? Should we close them and focus on new accounts or should we try to engage one more time?

We asked Kiryl Melnichenka, Account Manager at ZoomInfo and Founder at GLBSales Inc., to design a custom outbound play for the Kraftblick community which helps to re-engage with stalled deals, find quick wins and generate more revenue for your business.

Kiryl was born and raised in Belarus but he moved to the US in 2016. He has experience working in corporate sales at companies like Argyle, Coursera and ZoomInfo.

Kiryl also owns a small advising firm that helps tech founders from Eastern Europe enter the US market and build a winning go-to-market strategy that saves at least $500k-$1M+ annually.

He noticed that for most IT companies it is very hard to identify their Ideal Customer Profile and find the “right messaging” that will resonate with the prospects.  

ICP and Outbound Sequences are the most popular topics among my customers when they come to me before entering the US market. I always recommend to any tech founder or Head of Sales to focus on current deals before going into cold outreach. Your sales & marketing team worked so hard to generate the pipeline for your company. I have created a custom outbound play for any sales team to execute and find quick wins with their stalled leads. Please feel free to adjust this sequence to your style. Don’t skip calls. Happy Hunting!” says Kiryl

Game Plan: how to save “stalled deals” and generate more revenue in 5 days

In this article you will find:

Outbound Play: Stalled Deals

The primary purpose of this short sequence is to re-engage with all stalled deals from the last 1-3 months. Please feel free to make changes to the messaging if needed.

Sequence Logic: 5 days and 12 touches.

Sequence structure:

Day 1 (Monday) Call / Call / Voice Message / Email 1

Day 2 (Tuesday) Email 2 / Linkedin

Day 3 (Wednesday) Call / Call / Voice Message / Email 3 (Video)

Day 4 (Thursday) Linkedin Audio Message

Day 5 (Friday) Break Up Email

Total: 5 days / 12 touches

Day 1 (Monday)

  1. Call their mobile (mobile only!)*.
  2. If they don’t pick up, call them again right away (this technique is called double tap and it’s very effective).
  3. Leave a short Voice Message.
  4. Send Email 1.

*For cold calls try to use cell phones(!) only. Don’t forget about the time zones. If you don’t find their cell phones in Apollo, you can also try Lusha and ZoomInfo. Double tap!!!

Call Script: 

  • Hi <Name>. This is <Name> calling from <Your Company>. How have you been today?
  • I know I’m calling out of the blue but can I have a minute to tell you exactly why I’m calling?
  • Appreciate it. The reason for my call is… (remind about the last convo).
  • Ask 1-2 questions. Ask what’s happened or what we did wrong.
  • Confirm the next steps: set up a call & follow-up task or put them into nurturing campaign
  • Before we jump off if there is anything you might need from us that will help your business today? (best practices, tech trends etc.)

Voice Message Script: 

  • Hi <Name>. No need to call me back. I just sent you an email with the subject line: “<Their Company Name> & <Your Company Name> Re-Engage” and you can reply when you have a minute. Thank you and talk soon. <Your Name> from <Your Company Name>

Email 1 Template:

Subject Line: <Their Company Name> & <Your Company Name> Re-Engage👈🏼 (use emoji / they might help to increase open rate)

Body Text: Hi <Name> — I just tried to call your cell, but hope email works better. I remember we had a chance to connect on your <hiring & tech initiatives> <or put something related to your service>, but we didn’t decide on the next steps.

Did we do something wrong or do you have other priorities now? 

Appreciate any response from you.

Day 2 (Tuesday)

  1. Send Email 2.
  2. Send a blank connection request on Linkedin.

Email 2 Template:

Subject Line: Reply

Body Text: Just checking if you had a chance to see my previous email.

Day 3 (Wednesday)

Здесь спрятан премиум контент.

Для доступа к нему нужна регистрация (это бесплатно)

Day 4 (Thursday)

  1. If they accept your Linkedin request you can use their mobile app to record a 20-30 sec audio message. You can use our voice message script as an example.
  2. If they don’t accept your invitation, skip this day and have a rest. You did a fantastic job anyway! 

Day 5 (Friday)

Send Break-Up Email.

Break-Up Email Template:

Subject Line: Reply

Body Text: Hi <Name> — I hope you are doing well! I tried to connect with you multiple times, but we still didn’t have a chance to speak…

My apologies if we did something wrong or if you decided to make any changes to your initial plans. Let’s stay in touch anyway and you can always reach out in case you want to re-engage.

Talk soon,

<Your Name>

Send them a funny picture. Be creative.

Game Plan: how to save “stalled deals” and generate more revenue in 5 days

If after 12 touches and 5 days you still don’t get any response from them, just start a new sequence in 3-6 months and add more people from their company to your sequence.

If you need help to create a new sequence you can try Regie. It could work well if you know your ICP. Autobound is also a great AI tool that will help you to write better custom emails for your target persona.

Thank you for reading this outbound play. I hope you will find some quick wins here.

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